William Constantine is Spirit’s Messenger


William Constantine World Renowned Psychic Medium

William Constantine
World Renowned Psychic Medium


William Constantine is an internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Spiritual Transformation Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Metaphysician; however, he’s best known as Spirit’s Messenger. Used as a source on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and many other media outlets.

Constantine has spent his life communicating with Spirits, Angels, and Ascended Masters and gleaned insight into the Afterlife and how to live our ultimate life which is now the basis for his coaching programs.

As a child, William spent the first seven years of his life bouncing around the foster care system. Highly sensitive and in tune with the energies of the world around him – he soon became inundated with psychic information from the people and places around him. He quickly found out that his insight wasn’t always appreciated or welcome by those around him. Yet, he found himself, giving advice and spiritual guidance and knowing things he shouldn’t have before his seventh birthday.

It wasn’t until he was attending elementary school that he discovered he was communicating with the dead. He had a meeting with Mr. Dobis – the principal – and had been reminded by him all day long about it. However, when he went to the office at the end of the day and requested to see Mr. Dobis he was informed that he (Mr. Dobis) hadn’t been in school all day. After a little bit of arguing he returned home for the day only to find out the next day in home room that Mr. Dobis had died of a brain aneurysm in his office the day before.

William has been voted one of the top psychics in the world and was recently included in an encyclopedia. His clientele ranges from CEO’s to celebrities, to people just like you that either want to hear from a deceased relative or need advice, guidance, and insight regarding life.

As a psychic medium he is often a source for police departments, families of murdered and missing people. That talent has caught Nancy Grace’s attention featuring Constantine as an expert.

Constantine has become the go-to guy for mainstream celebrities and his life coaching messages have been retweeted by LeAnn Rimes, Andie MacDowell, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and even featured on The Talk and Today show.

Constantine practices what he preaches, that one can heal from trauma. A foster care child that was bullied and abused within the system and by peers alike, Constantine even spent three-years living in his car and on the street. He shifted his negative thinking and when he realized his spiritual capabilities, revolutionized his life and others to help them find peace in their life.

Utilized as a source on numerous media outlets, Constantine also provides lectures, host’s workshops and speaks at seminars.

Constantine lives in Florida.