Spiritual Transformation Coach a Real Life Wizard

Your Life, Your Terms

American-born William Constantine Msc.D. is an internationally renowned
spiritual teacher, psychic medium, and life coach. He is a leader force in the Mind,
Body, Spirit; & New Thought Ancient Wisdom movements. He has been dubbed by
many as a living luminary and one of the top psychic mediums in the world to date. His
insights into the Afterlife have provided him a unique prospective into living our best
life and he spends his life sharing these insights with the world through seminars,
coaching, and via social media outlets.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching isn’t a “miracle cure” and by that I mean Life Coaching is an investment of time, energy, and money. Hiring a coach isn’t a “get rich quick scheme” – it’s a methodical process that is customized with your dreams and goals in mind. Like with Life, what you put into it you get out of it.



Spiritual Psychology Counseling

 For the individual, couples, or family feeling stuck or uncertain regarding; relationships, career, heath, stress, grief, trust, intimacy, purpose, etc. and need guidance and clarity where these issues are concerned.




Dreams are a fascinating tool to understand our life. Dream interpreting can help you decode and understand the messages of dreams. Dreams can also be a “doorway” to other realms of the Multiverse in which we live.




As a keynote speaker, William Constantine has helped thousands of people have a greater understanding and awareness about life and how to create and live the life you love. His inspired talks have helped many shift within their own personal journeys – from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Psychic Work

Whether you are seeking intuitive guidance on life; love, career, money, etc. or you are looking for a message from an otherworldly being (Angel, Ascended Master, Faery, Departed Loved Ones).




Ministerial Services

As an ordained Metaphysical Minster, William Constantine, offers services for life changing events; birth, blessings, marriage / handfastings, eulogy and funeral services, etc.




Spiritual Healing

As a healer, William, acts as a conduit for healing energies to help those in need. This is not designed to be in replacement of medical treatment, but rather in addition to.


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