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Don’t Sink … Swim

Life throws curve balls … Some we can anticipate because we are consciously aware we are creating them; and other times we seem blindsided because we are unconsciously creating them.

These curve balls usually bring a fair amount of struggle, but where there is opportunity for struggle their is ultimately equal opportunity for personal growth; spiritual, mental, financial, etc.

We can control how we respond to the experience which determines the direction and amount of growth.

When you remove sinking as an option you are left with swimming. Now whether you porpoise through the water like a dolphin or tread water like a dog it is dependent on mindset.

If we walk into an experience of “struggle” with fear and anticipation, self – doubt, etc. We are only setting the intention for failure.

The hardest decisions in life often reap the greatest rewards.

Robin Williams Passing

Robin Williams The world mourns the death of Robin Williams – a man known for his humor and quick wit, his smile and his laughter, the humanitarian work he did, and the amazing characters he brought to life on screen. Many people are shocked because outwardly Robin Williams appeared to have it all; a loving wife, a family, a career, unmatched talent, fame and fortune. But, may this be a lesson, that no matter how “good” you perceive the life of another to be doesn’t mean they are living life on “easy street”. Depression is very real, but is often an internal war fought silently. It’s grip is stronger than societies view on it which leaves the person feeling helpless, alone, and ashamed of how they would be perceived if this internal struggle came to light. In Robins’ case, he was in the lime light, a public figure who many could tell was tortured but millions more remained unaware and this is why depression is a silent killer. It consumes one from the inside out and so many people around the person struggling with it remain unaware of it and even more unaware of how “bad” it actually is.

Depression feeds on insecurities and fears like a shark feeds on a floating whale carcass – ripping you apart. It uses a toolbox filled with self-defeating thoughts, false perceptions, and usually operates in a cyclic fashion. Because the battlefield for depression is the mind – it’s harder to detect and in some cases impossible unless a physical cry for help is present – i.e. cutting, threatening suicide, etc. One of depressions greatest allies is our ability to project a story on someone else – “Oh, Robin Williams, is so incredibly funny and has so much going for him. He’s so lucky …” and on and on we go as we praise the man he presents to us. Those close to him, may have had an insight or knowledge of his struggle, but often they are just as helpless as the person battling depression because they either are in denial or just don’t know how to help.  Moreover, I have helped plenty of people who were battling depression and the people around them were fearful that any attempt on their behalf to help would cause more damage. I have never been depressed myself, but I have helped countless people who have been depressed.

In many of the situations, their depression was their “safety zone” and, often, was the one thing in life they could always depend on. Now, most of them, wouldn’t agree that they go into a depressive state by choice – but, after doing a little work we would discover cues that were utilized to bring about the state of depression. That said, I believe there are many degrees of depression and numerous ways and triggers for depression – each case is different, however, I think all of them can be helped and some even cured. You cannot deny depression exists and is very real, especially for those who suffer from it. The biggest issue with depression is the fact that the majority of people suffer in silence because they don’t want to be judged further, they don’t believe they can be helped, etc. and many find comfort (as odd as that sounds) in their depression.

Depression is most commonly reached through the language of “self talk” – albeit much of this talk is self-defeating and with each thing they say to themselves it brings them lower and lower, deeper and deeper into a state of mind that we commonly refer to as depression. It has been my experience, through my work with depressed individuals over the years, that depression is exactly that a state of mind. However, to the depressed individual this state of mind creates a reality that is very REAL to them no matter how illusionary it seems to friends, family, or society.

I have to say the first time I asked a client to “get depressed” — they looked at me funny. But, then as sure as the sun rises in the morning, they began to get depressed and the body language followed. Heads tipped downward, shoulders hunched, hands were being rubbed and you could see the depression wash over them. When I asked them, “What did you say to yourself to get depressed?”

The answers were along these lines:

I’m not good enough

I’m not pretty enough

I’m too fat

Nobody loves me

I’m ugly

I don’t deserve …

Life isn’t worth it …

I can’t do anything right …

  In a lot of cases, this self talk would cause memories in which they felt the particular statement — another words, they found validation for feeling this way which enhanced their state of depression. What many don’t understand is how anyone can get to the point of taking their own life, but when you understand how overbearing and heavy depression can be I think you can understand how one would do anything to escape it. Not to mention, that many depressed individuals feel more like a burden to those around them and, in many cases, feel like their life is pointless. So as a way to escape and unburden those they love they choose to exit this world. Robin Williams was a man who was loved by scores of people across the world and yet he at his deepest level felt alone. This goes to show, that just because one has success, money, love, and fame – it doesn’t mean they are happy within themselves. The mind is very powerful and we can cause ourselves to believe whatever we want to and for someone who is depressed this is a toxic ability. No amount of awards, articles, applause, fans, etc. will cause you to feel differently. Now, to those who are currently in the silent struggle of depression…SPEAK OUT! Call a friend, a loved one, a teacher, a stranger, 911, 411, 211 … let someone know because YOU ARE LOVED. Your life does mean something to the people around you – don’t suffer in silence and convince yourself otherwise!!!

Now, let’s focus a little on Suicide and the Afterlife. A person that takes their own life DOESN’T go to hell or purgatory – it is my understanding, from my work as a Psychic Medium, that there is an entire support system on the otherside that will help make the transition after your after life review. Many people, in the after life review, learn how loved, appreciated, and valued they actually were and see how skewed their impression of themselves was. They understand the nature of the depression and the illusion it created. What I have noticed in the wake of Robin Williams suicide is that many are remembering him for the man he was and the mark he made on the world.

I remember, Robin Williams when he played Mork and grew up being a huge fan and supporter of his comedy and his countless movies. I loved anything Robin Williams did because he brought such depth to his characters and it helped bring a realness to his entire body of work.

I think Robin’s passing will be like that of JFK, in that, people will remember where they were when they heard the news and how it affected them.

To Robin: May you now fly free from the burdens of this world and may you continue your healing journey as you watch over your loved ones. You will be sorely missed, but you will live on forever through your countless body of work and I, for one, will continue to laugh for years to come. You are a tender soul – sensitive and loving – and this world of chaos may have been too much but you are free now and may your laughter echo in our hearts and souls.

Valleys of Life

As we go through life, we find ourselves riding the current of the universe with many ups and downs. But, in order to appreciate the “ups” we must also come to understand the depths of the valleys. The problem many face is when in a valley they perceive it is being a negative or simply being “stuck”. It’s at this very crossroads of mindsets where many become victims of circumstance instead of creators of opportunities. In the three years I spent being homeless and eating out of garbage cans, panhandling, and trying to understand “why me” – I learned I was asking the wrong question. Instead, of “why me” … I had to learn to shift to “why not me”.

You see, when you are homeless you, honestly, are looked at as being “less than human” and are instantly judged. People don’t care about your story instead they make up a story for you and project it on you. When you are panhandling people walk by and look the other way and pretend not to notice you – you simply don’t exist. This taught a valuable lesson that you don’t need to look to another to validate your existence. So many of us look outside of ourselves to find internal happiness, but no matter how hard you search you’ll never find internal happiness in the external world. The only place you’ll find it is within – in fact, that’s the one true place to find the answers to the questions that tug at your soul.

Being homeless was only a bad thing when I allowed it to be – that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you I’m sure, but I hope to explain. It’s in the “why me” moments of life that we are projecting negativity on a blessing in disguise. In my years of homelessness, I glimpsed the “dark side” of humanity where I saw a society where love – unconditional love was absent. In that moment, I sat in awareness that love was the answer to everything. That our mission is to be love always and in all ways. Love is not something to withhold from anyone because it’s the one true thing – you are the physical embodiment of divine love in motion. Have you ever noticed the power of a smile to a stranger – before you corrupt it with thoughts of “creepiness”?

So, being homeless was only negative when I chose to play the victim. I was angry at others for judging me for being where I was and making excuses to myself how I came to be where I was. I was angry at the people I thought failed me – but, never took responsibility for the choices I made in the past.

Homelessness was holding up that Universal Mirror – that I didn’t look in because I didn’t want to be the issue. We all do this in life where we deflect and defend instead of embrace and understand. It becomes more about defending our choices and less about learning a valuable lesson. No matter the nature of the valley we must understand that we are learning a life lesson. A lesson that will help us better appreciate the peaks we have so that we may sit on high and enjoy the view. When most people hear all that I experienced in my life; abandonment, malnourishment, ten different foster homes, years of molestation, adoption, bullied, outcaste, divorced, homelessness, death / loss, etc. they say, “How horrible.”

For the longest time, I felt the same way, I was angry and wanted it to be my turn for something good. If you have a candle in a well lit room it appears dimmer and less effective, but bring that candle into the darkness and witness it’s power to illuminate.


Remember this when you are in the darkness of a valley that within you is the bright light of the universe and good things are happening to you, through you, and for you. So, no matter what the experience that you alone have the power to rise above it and move beyond it.

Moments of Doubt


verb (used with object)

1. to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe.
2. to distrust.
3.Archaic. to fear; be apprehensive about.
So, it’s safe to say that doubt is another way FEAR manifest in our day-to-day lives. When we doubt it is because it is something that doesn’t fit our current paradigm; however, that said, our current paradigm is a system of beliefs we adopted by others and adapted to. In other words, it has no real basis is reality except that which we give it.

Doubt is powerful because more often than not if someone doubts something they will not step outside their comfort zone and experience the “new”.

So, in moments of doubt, what is really occurring is a conflict between what you are being told and what you hold in your paradigm to be true. This internal rift is what causes that uneasy feeling and you’ll more than likely step back and embrace your current paradigm because it’s “safe”. By “safe” I mean it is what you know and are comfortable with.

When I worked with people on shifting beliefs one of the biggest things they encountered was … DOUBT. Not only did they doubt what I was telling them to be true, but they doubted it would work for them etc. Think about it, if I told you that you looked beautiful or handsome today and your current paradigm said otherwise … you would doubt what I was saying to be true. You might even think it a blatant lie.

Shifting from one belief to another is not impossible, but that is not to say it will not be without its own “difficulties”. However, the degree of difficulty depends entirely on your resistance to it. Someone can call you beautiful or handsome all day long, but if you don’t start accepting it as true you’ll never create a paradigm shift with regards to that particular belief.

Believe it or not, when people set resolutions for the New Year they often do so in doubt. A resolution of, “I’ll quit smoking,” is backed by the paradigm belief of, “I wonder how long this will last.”

We all know the statement “I wonder how long this will last,” is deeply rooted in doubt. So, even though, they made a pact to quit they don’t ultimately believe they will. Some don’t believe they have the “power to”, others don’t believe it’s possible, and others still don’t authentically want to.

Can you see how these things greatly impact the actions you will or will not take because of doubt. However, who doubts?


That means will the willingness to overcome certain things you can change your current beliefs to align with right action and overcome any and all doubt.

What doubt do you have that is preventing you from living your ultimate life? Where did you get it? Are you willing to overcome it? When would now be a good time ?

Secret of Life

Life can be a blessing when you choose to ride out and meet it each and every day, moment to moment.

Many people feel stuck because they are chasing someone else’s dream , vision, and idealistic aspirations — of course, this will make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled!! So pause, where you are at this very moment and ask yourself, “Whose Life Am I living?”

The answer may surprise you. I have worked with scores of people in a variety of careers and when I find discord or unhappiness — it’s typically due to the fact they are living someone else’s dream or vision of themselves. They have become victim of conditioning and have let themselves “settle” for far less than they want or deserve. In fact, I have worked with actors who have said, “I never asked for all this and frankly I never wanted it.”

Whoa, show stopper! Right? We look at an actor or actress and think — “They have arrived!” Yet, we never stop to think despite all the money and success — are they happy and fulfilled? As a society, we have equated money = success and vice versa — but, money isn’t the end goal for a lot of people.

Let’s face it, there are people who have a lot of money who are miserable within their own life because they don’t feel fulfilled — they may have achieved that dream they have been chasing all along only to find out it wasn’t theirs. Instead, they “gave up” their own dream or put it “on the back burner” to pursue the aspiration of success because we feel that is of utmost importance. Yet, success to me is vastly different than success to you — so, one needs to get clear on what success is for you!

What is it that you ultimately want out of life?

The Secret to Life is asking yourself the right questions and allow the answers to come in.

One must live for themselves — not out of Ego — but because when they are living full and vibrantly they become a greater capacity for change in the world and the lives of those around them. I say to my clients all the time, “If you are busy doing this for that person, that for this person, and helping this one do that, etc. What’s left for you?”

So let me say this, if you are at work or in a job where you are highly stressed, feel overworked, are driven to smoke or drink, and can’t wait for Friday — it’s NOT the job for you! Get out, leave, run far away and find your purpose and passion for living — life is too short to spend time in a cramped cubicle UNLESS that IS your PASSION!

Now, there are going to be moments, even in the best of circumstances where you feel overwhelmed — but, one can be overwhelmed with work they LOVE doing or with work they HATE doing. For some, they are very analytical and so doing accounting or book keeping is fun and they LOVE doing it ! On the other hand, there are people that get into a career field because they think, “so and so was in this field and they made lots of money, were able to do what they wanted, and was successful.” Is this true? Maybe, but the point is if this person follows this line of thought into a career — they won’t be living THEIR PASSION. They would have pursued the life of someone they felt was “SUCCESSFUL” … a projection that may ultimately be far from the truth. That person they thought was successful may HATE their job, inundated the stress, and may ultimately being going insane for having selected that path.

So again, are you pursuing YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Or that of another? Is your pursuit because you want it or because your parents, a teacher, or friend said – “You’d be good at … ”

The biggest person you OWE in life is yourself — answer that debt first and all others will be paid. That’s not to say there won’t be struggle because struggle = growth, but you may “struggle” far less because you love what you do, you are passionate about it, and life is working for you!

When life is working for you — it’s because you are on purpose! You aren’t sacrificing your wants and desires for someone else, but instead, you say let me take you on a journey! Everyone around you will ride the wave of your success because you will magnify it, share it, and others will be provided for and encouraged to live their inspired life!

Trust me, my work as a Psychic Medium, has taught me that we don’t want to be on our death bed with the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s but didn’t syndrome”. You don’t want to wonder, “I wonder what my life would have been if … ”

Instead, you want to say, “I lived fully, openly, and loved freely.” You want to reflect on the dawning of each day of your life and say, “I arose to each day knowing their may be challenges, expected them, and still met the day fully with an open heart and a smile on my face — knowing that my life was mine to live as I desired and because I loved myself deeply and truly I was able to make a difference to those that mattered to me. I lived an inspired life.”

If you were to die tomorrow — could you say that? If not, when would now be a good time to start living YOUR INSPIRED LIFE?

Ego’s Love vs. True Love

In society, we hear such terms as “Love” and “True Love” and with these notions the expressed phrases of, “I’m in Love” or “I Love You” – but what is love really?

I believe there are two types of love. One a complete illusion made up by the Ego and the other is a conscious expression of that which is.

The “love” we see most in the world is the illusion of the Ego. For when you love, you’re ultimately seeking to fill a void that you feel exists within yourself. So, as we commonly do, we seek outside of ourselves for the “missing piece”.

When a person comes into our lives we unconsciously and consciously size them up – is this the person who can take away your pain, your past, your suffering, you incompleteness, your emptiness, etc? The Ego in an effort to serve you — err, rather “protect you” — it escapes these feelings by creating a subsequent want or desire … love.

When we love someone – we focus all our attention on this person – making them feel significant and special. But, often, this is done unconsciously at the will of the Ego to escape whatever “suffering” we previously and, in truth, still have. It’s a distraction from handling the very thing that will draw you deeper and more connected to yourself.

So, the Ego, provides us a “savior” – that knight in shinning armor or special someone – that will ride in and save the day. Soon, the Ego’s flawed logic will reveal itself, as this person won’t live up to the expectation that you have placed on their shoulders. In part because they don’t know you have done so and also because if you couldn’t handle it what makes you think someone else can?

Now, what we projected as love and adoration quickly turns into hate, disappointment, communication breakdowns, etc. Not because this person failed you, but because you entered into a relationship with false expectations of what this person could do for you; how they might ease your burden, complete you, etc.

Ego’s Love requires sacrifice, not so much on your side, but rather the one you “love”. The person you elected to be your saving grace; to be everything you need and often this requires change in order to become what you need, but that my friends, is not love.

True Love requires nothing, expects nothing, and possesses nothing – it simply is.

Ultimately, what the Ego’s Love is doing is trying to fill your feeling of not being enough by offering a distraction from the truth – you’ve been seeking yourself in another and avoiding the very dwelling you reside.

When you find yourself and come into this awareness of a dynamic loving relationship – a true love with yourself – you stop seeking it in others. You no longer require someone else to complete you which is an impossible task, by the way.

The illusion of other people exists solely so we can come to have a deeper relationship with our one true self.

Gay Marriage Rights

There is a lot of debate around “Gay” Marriage.


According to Wikipedia:


Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.[1] The definition of marriage varies according to different cultures, but it is principally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or compulsory before pursuing any sexual activity. When defined broadly, marriage is considered a cultural universal. A broad definition of marriage includes those that are monogamouspolygamoussame-sex and temporary.

So, marriage is a legally binding contract between two people that establishes certain rights and obligations. Additionally, the definition of marriage varies which is interesting because a lot of people are under the assumption that there is only one definition and it’s absolute.

There are a lot of arguments about same-sex marriage; religious, un-natural, violates the institute of marriage, and so many more.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. -Genesis 1:27

So, if “God”, created mankind in his own image wouldn’t it be fair to say this includes; homosexuals, heterosexuals, transgender, bi, etc? Something else to think about – the Bible was created to convert / control the population on the order of a King. The fact that they had to specify within the pages that same-sex relationships are an “abomination” infers that it was occurring at that time period too.

When you look at a lot of biblical paintings of “Christ” – you typically see him surrounded by … men. Just saying it’s not a far leap to assume he was homosexual, after all; the Church would expect you believe that he was celibate. They prefer you not assume he had kids with Mary Magdalene or preferred the company of men.
It seems in fact the large majority of those that oppose same-sex marriage do so on a religious basis – then any legislation to regulate it would be a violation of the Constitution’s 1st Amendment.
There are those who would argue that the institution of marriage is to grow the family. However, to say that same-sex couples could not do this would be a lie. They can adopt, have a surrogate, decide not to have kids, etc. There are so many options and if this is the foundation of marriage than why are we not denying couples who cannot bare children for any reason the right to marriage? Because it’s a nonsense argument that has no basis in reality.
I wish those that quoted religious doctrine read it’s contents – first you would realize that it is a large contradiction and second you might find other interesting things to quote. Like for instance, the Bible’s concept of marriage is that of polygamy and not monogamy. Additionally, there are many religions that do not embrace heterosexual monogamy as it’s sole concept of marriage. In fact, many “mainstream” religions embrace same sex marriages; Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, to name a few.
With a little bit of research one can figure out that the Roman Law established the idea of heterosexual marriage – which is ironic considering they were known for their orgies.
In some cultures, marriage is a political arrangement and love doesn’t factor in, but hopefully grows. Yet, for the most part, people marry for LOVE. Love, as they say, is blind – it doesn’t care of your color, your religious background, your wealth, ethnicity, etc. You love who you love and the arrangement of that love is between the lovers – not the state and least of all the government.
Marriage is Marriage – “Gay” or otherwise, it is a right that all humanity should have.

A Bird and a Fish

“A bird and a fish may fall in love, but where would they live?”

This little phrase has so many possible meanings and I thought I’d explore a few with you.

First, is the obvious one, a bird cannot live under water nor can a fish live out of water so in this scenario it simply wouldn’t work. A person can fall in love with another person that has totally different needs and desires to live life and in a scenario like this while love may be present a good relationship it doesn’t make. Do you know anyone in a relationship like this?

The Second, is slightly less obvious, a bird can fly down perch on a rock and spend the day with the fish and at the end of the night perch in a nearby tree and watch over the fish. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a relationship, where we love the person and we spend time with the person, but there seems to be an invisible and sometimes tangible divide. In the case of the bird and fish, it is the water. In the case of people, it can be insecurities, distance, paradigms, religion, etc.

Third, the bird can plunge into the water and try to co-exist with the fish only to die a short time later, but enjoy what little time they had. Conversely, the bird could carry the fish through the air to a nest only to find that the fish had died upon arrival. As people, we often try to make sacrifices to be with another, but we cannot sacrifice the things we need to live. You end up in a toxic environment that may feel fresh and new at first, but kills you in the end. Some relationships can be toxic and simply not meant to be and no matter how hard you try to adapt – it simply won’t work.

Fourth, the bird can signify someone of wealth and the fish can signify someone of mediocre means. These two people can indeed fall in love, but not without one making some changes. The rich person may need to sacrifice their wealth (in the case of a prince) to be with a “peasant”. Or the “peasant” may need to sacrifice what they know and adapt to a lifestyle of manners, etiquette, and having money – it may seem like an easy transition, but it isn’t at all. You see the peasant isn’t used to the glitz and glamor that the rich have – though they may long for it – but, once they obtain it they cannot adjust to the pace of that lifestyle. Someone who is so focused on money has different priorities than someone who is focused on service and while they may be in love it doesn’t mean the relationship is “healthy”.

A more religious metaphor, we could be talking about a lesson in humility, like when GOD (the bird) became Jesus to experience the woes of man. GOD surrendered his divinity; came down from the clouds and was birthed as a man so that he/she may experience the struggles, the phrases (in prayer he couldn’t relate to), mortality, ego, etc. You see, GOD, loves mankind but didn’t understand their plight, complaints, needs, etc. for GOD needed nothing, hungered for nothing, never tired, never stressed, never was homeless, never born, never died, never suffered. So when GOD, entered as Jesus, he humbled GOD-Self to experience and bleed with the love of his life – mankind (the fish). While here, he demonstrated the importance of authentic listening and being empathic to one another. He gave of himself and taught mankind that they were “equal unto him” and capable of doing greater things than him. However, we arrested him, tried him, and crucified him – mankind, SACRIFICED GOD. And biblically (depending on whose account) the day went dark for 3 hours, the ground shook, dead saints walked again, the temple curtain tore in two, etc. However, after 3 days, he walked out of the tomb and among people for forty days before he ascended to Heaven – a more aware GOD because he could now relate and understand temptation and all that mankind faces so that he can be with you in your moments of doubt, insecurity, struggle, fear, etc and walk with you through it.

I’ll leave you with one final sentiment. What if; The bird held the fish in its loving embrace and carried the fish in the air for brief moments only to return it to the water? Moreover, what if the bird occasionally dove into the water (briefly) only to return to the air moments later? Yin / Yang ?

Just because we love someone doesn’t mean we are meant to be in a relationship with that person. And so it is also true, that just because love is present doesn’t mean that struggles won’t be. It means that through love you will find a way and sometimes that way is through the door and that is okay. You aren’t meant to suffocate in a relationship or change the nature of who and what you are – you have to find relationships that honor you and allow you to be you and your spouse to be them.

The bird can not make the fish a bird nor the fish make the bird a fish – so this relationship could never really work without sacrifice. The question becomes is the sacrifice worth it? For Jesus it was … for a woman that stayed in an abusive relationship it wasn’t.

So for those having relationship troubles ask yourself, “Is this a bird in love with a fish story?”

What’s funny is after years of dealing with spirits and listening to them as well as the living I’ve learned people get involved in a relationship for a variety of reasons; to save someone, to change someone, to help someone, to evolve with someone, for money, for fame, for a name, for citizenship, the sex, etc.

We all have needs that must be met (requirements) and needs that can be forfeit (wants/wish) and aren’t deal breakers. A bird cannot grow gills nor a fish wings to fly so if these two fall in love they do so knowing it’s at a significant price – it’s up to them if they are willing to pay it.

Relationships are based on many factors besides love; communication, understanding, empathy, passion, listening skills, ability to make sacrifices, wants and desires, personal needs, willingness to grow (evolve), and the willingness to work together (compromise).

I find that relationships that are about evolving with each other are the ones that last a lifetime because both are pouring themselves into it. If you can imagine, two pitchers full of water, being poured out simultaneously – where the water blends together and becomes one solid yet fluid stream – that’s the goal of a relationship.

Shattered Dreams

Have you ever felt like your dreams were shattered? Feeling breathless and maybe even for the slightest moment without hope?

Dreams are living breathing things – they evolve and transmute and sometimes what you may interpret as a “death of a dream”, may simply be the Universes way of allowing you to embrace and accept the birth of it’s new incarnate.

The majority of people, however, give up before they are able to see this or realize the manifestation of the dream itself.

It has always been my understanding that the Universe sends you challenges as if to say, “Are you sure THIS is what you want?” or “Are you sure this is who you are?”

Have you ever declared something about yourself and then it seemed to attract a lot of challenge? Welcome to the test, my friend. The way, you pass is standing true to who and what you know yourself to be or evolving that vision – sometimes, it shifts ever so slightly.

Recently, I had some major projects fall through and it came as a blow – I’m human after all. But it didn’t take me long to start seeking the positive and even though this news came shortly after my status which said; “Whatever happens must be for your highest good and intention and you will emerge on the other side of it better for it.”

Sometimes an artist will drop a painting and when putting it back to continue they have a new perspective of it. A photographer, might line up for a shot and something photo bombs the first shot, but the one just after that – the one they didn’t see was the shot of the century.

We all face days where “throwing in the towel” and saying, “I give up” seems like the best choice. Trust me, what the Universe has in store for you is bigger and greater than anything you can dream yourself – don’t give up, but surrender to the possibilities of greatness that lay ahead.

Instead of seeing doors slamming shut – know (even if you can’t see them) that a thousand new doors of opportunity flew open.